It’s the end of Md1!

Wow, I actually cant believe its been three and a half months already. I actually have 3 more days on the Island before i jet back home to Kent!

It has been a rough and a smooth ride these last couple of months. I settled in on the Island and made my way around quite easily. However, i really did miss home a lot. The first Sunday mass was the day it really hit me.  I attended the 10am mass which was the family mass, my emotions were all over the place towards the end of the service. I literally had to walk out of church and i burst into tears. It was the first time in years i had gone for Sunday mass alone, i think that was when it hit me that the journey has only begun..

However, thank God for Facetime,Whats app,Skype and online shopping! What would i have done without the chats on Whats app or the videos and photos that have been exchanged back and forth in the last couple of months? Also with Asda online home delivery i was even able to order a birthday cake,candles and paper plates for my Son to take to nursery on his birthday while i was  thousands of miles away This was off course in addition to what my husband already got😍.

I have been able to speak to the kids, very regularly and ask about their day, their home work and extra curricular activities.

Regarding Medical School, I have met people from different backgrounds, careers, countries and with all sorts of stories as well. There’s actually  two different mum’s just one class ahead of me  from America who have their children with them on the Island! So who knows maybe one semester i can whisk mine over here with me…

Regarding studies OMG! Gross Anatomy and Embroyology,DPS (Doctor and patient skills), Cell Biology and Histology. I actually used 3 whole spiral bound notes for Anatomy alone! (partly cause i learn better through taking notes though).

The sleepless nights and the migraines though …but its not too bad when almost everyone complains about the same thing you kind of feel better about it.  However i realised that the whole waking up at 3am to study up until 6am or so definately did not work for me. I started dozing off in class 😪. No one needed to tell me to look for an alternative method of studying!

Its interesting though how medical school has gradually moved from being theoritically based to more clinically based learning.  About  80% of the Gross Anatomy exam questions were clinical cases. During our Block 1 exams though which was set out in an MCQ format,  It was actually quite funny seeing some of my fellow course mates,  trying to invert their foot or flex their elbow during the exam in order to recall certain muscles or nerves to aid them in answering a clinical exam question 😀

All in all its been a good semester. The only thing i probably need to do next semeater is ensure i go to the BEACH and feel the sand on my legs. Its a 10 mins walk from my house to the beach and i still havent been! thats just sad lol. So maybe next semester.

Now im actually looking forward to MD2 and the challenges to come with it. I already have a long list of things to buy when i get home in order to make my place more homely😊.

Im so eager to go home though, I have already chosen my seat on my British Airways flight and i just cant wait to get home🏠.







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